8 Simple Paleo Valentine’s Day Treats

| 10 Simple Paleo Valentine’s Day Treats |

I am probably the least romantic person you’ll ever meet.

I know, it’s crazy. It kills my husband who is definitely the romancer in our marriage. But I just can’t help but think practically about it all.

Like why do I need flower or chocolates on Valentine’s Day but not on all the others?

Or better yet, why not save that money and put it to good use in the garden or home or regular grocery budget…

Boring, I know.

But that being said I’m not going to be the one to ruin the fun for everyone else! So I searched for the best AND most simple grain free, dairy free recipes out there and rounded them all up here!

So what is so simple and great about these recipes?

They all have 5 or less ingredients and they are all grain and dairy free!

So here are 10 Simple Paleo Valentine’s Day Treats:

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Truffles


These truffles have just 4 ingredients and are a breeze to whip up! Who doesn’t  love chocolate covered strawberries?? But these are even better! Be sure to click over to her recipe so you can view the inside of these babies.

2. Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

Bonus! Citrus is in season! So this smoothie bowl boasts in season fruit AND is as simple as 3 steps. Up the presentation with some coconut whipped cream if you want.  Or do as she did and top it with some coconut and extra fruit.  Either way will be a delicious end product!

3. Paleo Marshmallows


Ok, ok, technically this recipe has more than 5 ingredients BUT 1 of those ingredients is just so they don’t stick and the other ingredient is optional. And yes I know this is actually a recipe geared towards Easter but who says marshmallows are limited to seasons???

4. Gut Healing Bullet Proof Hot Chocolate

And of course you need some hot chocolate to go with those marshmallows 😉 This one has a whole lotta healthy fats and is dairy optional! Plus you can have it ready in five minutes or less. Winner!

5. Raspberry Macaroons

Less than 5 minutes and you can have these beautiful macaroons in your life. Need I say more??

6. Pink Beet Latte

How beautiful is this?! Plus a serving of veggies?? What more could you ask for? If you have no other reason to make this, just make it for the sake of that pink color 😉

7. Honey Sweetened Hibiscus Punch

Just 3 ingredients in this fun, naturally sweetened twist on punch! For those that don’t like hot drinks, this is perfect! Check out the health benefits and origins of hibiscus while you’re there.

8. Beet Deviled Eggs

I know this one may not be considered a “treat” but it’s still pink and fun. Plus ya need a little savory to balance out all that sweet, right 😉 these are a great (and healthy!) spin on the classic finger food.

BONUS: you can turn all sorts of stuff pink with these natural food colors!

Even though I may be a Valentine’s scrooge I maaayyy just have to go make some (or all!) of these recipes. How can I say no with as simple as these are?

Do you have any fun Valentine’s traditions? Are you the romantic type or not so much?

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